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About Pastor Darrius & Pastor LaToya Harris

Pastor Darrius Harris

Pastor Darrius Harris

Pastor Darrius Harris sought the Lord in prayer to establish the No Limits Church,  Spring of 2011 currently known as The Kingdom Church. Along with his beautiful wife Pastor LaToya Harris they both serve in ministry as a powerful and dynamic DUO changing lives together. Pastor Darrius is willing to follow any new lead to its conclusion as he is directed by God.

Pastor Darrius dispenses the gift of the Holy Spirit that flows freely from him.  His firm belief is that this gift (of the Holy Spirit) is equally given to any and all who desires it.  He has an eclectic way of seeing spiritual things. He employs sound biblical elements and teachings from a variety of sources, systems, or styles: in his approach to his delivery of the gospel and good news of Christ. 

He is a powerful speaker and is well assured that God unleashes power to his people.  His in-depth spiritual intellect and insight propels him into original  thought to take things to the next limit and next level in God’s service.

He experiences the non-restrictive freedom and unlimited potential of God by being in his presence.…  He is gifted with insight and intuition from God; and is solely dependent upon the almighty for formulating ideas.  Once God has confirmed an idea to him it is then unalterable.  By the authority of God he can be light and breezy as the breath of spring, but his words can carry the power of a gale force wind. 

As a thirsty sojourner he will pour the living water of the words of Christ in your live. He preaches and teaches under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. His idealism and consciousness of the word is uninhibited and never dull. Standing at the vanguard of original thinking and tolerance, he seeks to continually please and do the will of God. 

Pastor Darrius has served as the Youth Pastor of Abundant Life Worship Center, Tyler, TX under the great leadership of Pastor Thompson.  He also served as the organizer of the Men of Destiny (MOD) and Men Going Global (MGG) ministries; also president of the Usher ministry for over 13 years.  He has sponsored men’s conferences and retreats and has a unique but powerful way to relate to men of all walks of life, men are drawn to his humbleness and passion to see men lives changed and living life to the fullest without any restraints or limits.

Pastor Darrius matriculated his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from historic Texas College in Tyler, TX. And currently working towards Masters Degree. To sum it up what God has invested in Pastor Darrius Harris is priceless and many lives have been changed and will be changed by his ministry.

“Making a Difference and Changing
Lives with the Engrafted Word of   God”


Pastor LaToya Harris

Pastor LaToya Harris is a native of Tyler, TX. She was reared by a Christian mother Pastor Janice Thompson of Abundant Life I.W.C .  She is one of six Siblings which are all heavily involved in kingdom ministry. She is powerful and anointed woman God who has been chosen for 21st century ministry an as a clarion voice to the world.

Pastor LaToya Harris preparation for this journey begun when she was just a young girl singing, dancing, praising and flowing in the anointing of God. Pastor Harris answered the call to ministry at the tender age of 15, by the age 22 she had received her ministers licenses while serving at her local church as church administrator, praise & worship leader, leadership strategist, youth Pastor and more.  Which she served at the Abundant Life I.W.C. Tyler, TX for over fifteen years. Pastor Harris along with her wonderful husband Pastor Darrius Harris felt the unction and call to birth the No Limits Church which is currently known as The Kingdom Church.
Pastor L. Harris is passionate about the word of God. She is a sought after empowerment speaker and revialist. When she opens her mouth and declares the glory of the Lord yolks are destroyed and lives are instantly changed. . She preaches and teaches every time with passion and  as if its her last. Pastor Harris also uses her gift of singing and praise and worship to usher you into the presence of the most holy one. She is a firm beliver of seeking the kingdom first.

Pastor LaToya is a profound Leadership Strategist, Spiritual Organizer/ Event Planner. Also owner and CEO of Star Leadership, which is an another entity to enhance businesses, churches, personal leadership development and etc. With her unique yet traditional approach she brings balance to any organization.
She is teaching and training today’s leaders for tomorrows future. Pastor LaToya attended Tyler Junior College and chose Business administration as her major. And is currently furthering her education. She is also owner of Creative Works  which under that umbrella houses the Creative De'Cor decorating and fashion design, the creative arts liturgical dance school, and the Creative school Of Praise & Worship.

She has such a compassion for all people and is heavily involved in  community and world efforts that will change the lives of people. 

Pastor Harris has held many conferences/ Retreats for women to help build and strengthen them up. It is her desire to reach out to all women through many different faucets so they may gain knowledge and revelation power and encouragement. She is no pushover-and will stand up against the wiles of the enemy. And has been called for such a time as this!!

      “Making a Difference and Changing
   Lives with the Engrafted Word of God”

        “Experience the Freedom”

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